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Are you prepared for a tax audit?

Here at Austbrokers Countrywide we offer a range of products that will ensure you aren’t left with an audit bill of thousands of dollars.
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The rising cost of Insurance and what to do about it

According to a recent Global Reinsurance report, total insured losses for the global insurance industry reached an estimated $AUD 80 billion. Can businesses afford an Increase in Insurance Risk Protection? More than ever, the importance…
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Managing your risks as a consultant

Understanding your risk as a consultant, and finding an appropriate insurance cover, is vital to ensure any liability is minimised. The transition from an employee to an independent consultant can be an exciting one: new opportunities,…
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Claims made policies

This provides guidance on the procedure for notifying a claim or circumstances that might give rise to a claim under “Claims Made” policies. The following policies are generally underwritten on a “Claims Made” basis: Directors’…

Claims made policies and rights & responsibilities in notifying a claim

Professional Indemnity policies fall into the ‘Professional Risk’ category of Insurance policies.    Professional Indemnity policies fall into the ‘Professional Risk’ category of Insurance policies. Uniquely these types…

Professional Indemnity Claims – What to do?

What is professional indemnity insurance and what does it cover? Professional indemnity insurance (“PI”) is designed to cover a business for errors made when providing advice and services to clients. The exact parameters of the…

CAPS & GAPS- Professionals and the importance of Capped Liability

It is important for every business to manage potential risk or liabilities that may arise against them. Ensuring suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance is in place is essential to manage this risk. Professional Indemnity insurance…