Product Safety is a Key Issue

Product Safety is a key issue for every manufacturer and retailer. Learn from other recalls to help improve your own products and reduce the risk of a costly mistake.

Mandatory Data Breach Update

More than 30 data breaches have been reported since new laws were put in place. Watch this brief video to make sure you are aware of what you need to do with managing data risks.

Busy February for Insurers & Brokers

The Insurance industry has had a busy month, with insurers and brokers continuing to help people when they are at their most vulnerable.

CBS This Morning: Lessons From Disaster

A great video circulated by our friends at FM Global that highlights simple solutions to better protect you and your business.

The Reject Shop ordered to pay $140,000 penalty

The recent example of The Reject Shop being ordered to pay a penalty of $140,000 highlights the need for awareness in labelling of products, and also the vital importance of having a Management Liability coverage.

Cargo Damage in Maersk Honam Fire

On Tuesday 6th of March Maersk Line container vessel Maersk Honam reported an explosion and subsequent fire in one of its cargo holds.

Health Service providers and data breaches – How Cyber Insurance can benefit you

You may feel you can manage the potential business and crime risk to your organisation of a cyber related incident, but have you contemplated the risk if you don’t comply with new legislation?

Wax for a Wish Video

A little pain can go a long way in making wishes come true. Watch a short video of how our staff went above and beyond to raise over $12,000 for Make-A-Wish
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Are you prepared for a tax audit?

Here at Austbrokers Countrywide we offer a range of products that will ensure you aren’t left with an audit bill of thousands of dollars.
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Liability for failure to display pool signs prohibiting diving & pool depth

Whether failure to display signs prohibiting diving or warning of the depth of a motel pool caused the catastrophic injuries of a child The Issue The content of the duty of care owed by an occupier to pool users Whether the plaintiff had contributed to her injuries