What to do when you return to your property after flood

Safety is the priority - don't do anything that puts anyone at risk. Only return to your property when emergency services give the go ahead. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to lodge a claim and seek guidance on the claims process.
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Claims made policies

This provides guidance on the procedure for notifying a claim or circumstances that might give rise to a claim under “Claims Made” policies. The following policies are generally underwritten on a “Claims Made” basis: Directors’…

Will your business survive a disaster?

A disaster can hit anyone, anywhere at any time. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if your Business was to suffer a major disaster? Would your business survive? How would you survive? A disaster can hit anyone, anywhere…

Claims made policies and rights & responsibilities in notifying a claim

Professional Indemnity policies fall into the ‘Professional Risk’ category of Insurance policies.    Professional Indemnity policies fall into the ‘Professional Risk’ category of Insurance policies. Uniquely these types…

Professional Indemnity Claims – What to do?

What is professional indemnity insurance and what does it cover? Professional indemnity insurance (“PI”) is designed to cover a business for errors made when providing advice and services to clients. The exact parameters of the…

A claim could happen to you: Claims examples and exclusions to consider

“I think I have a suitable policy, I pay the premium each year, but have never made a claim or had an incident to report to my Insurer. What types of actions are taken against Professionals in my occupation? Would I ever need to utilise…