COVID-19 related insurance news


What to consider when shutting down Your Equipment during COVID-19

To prepare for and eventually undertake your business recovery (once declared possible by the Government), refer here for risk mitigation strategies for shutting down machinery safely and carefully.
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Are you prepared for a tax audit?

Here at Austbrokers Countrywide we offer a range of products that will ensure you aren’t left with an audit bill of thousands of dollars.

I sell Products - Should I continue buying Liability insurance?

If you sell a product, you will have a long term exposure to the potential of injury or damage resulting from the use and operation of your product. FIND OUT MORE

What happens if I cancel my Professional Indemnity cover? Can I do without it?

Professional Indemnity is not like car insurance. It works on a “claims made” basis and you must have insurance in place at the time a claim is made against you. FIND OUT MORE

Advice on how to mitigate your insurance costs and stay protected

In these difficult times it is important that you maintain insurance protection for your assets. there are options available to assist in maintaining your insurance protection.

Insurance FAQ’s and Information relating to COVID-19

Important Covid-19 insurance information for: Business Interruption / Loss of Rental Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Corporate Travel Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance